Ansel Clinic, Nottingham

Ansel Clinic

A purpose designed and built 24 bed, specialist residential mental health service in Nottingham for men with complex mental health needs, challenging behaviours and personality disorders.

A full suite of PWP’s mechanical, electrical, fire and security services was developed specifically for this specialist facility in close co-operation with the client’s team. Special considerations were required in all aspects of the design in order to meet the Health Authority’s licensing requirements. These included all products and the design being designated as safe from both a security and life perspective.

Such specialist design issues included an anti-ligature design criteria that prevents a ligature from staying secure; therefore removing access to any method where self-harm can occur.

By careful and considered design PWP were able to ensure the building remains focused on maintaining a calm and secure atmosphere.

"Having carefully considered M&E design and installation organisations across the region Ansel were keen to develop their existing relationship with PWP when it came to the M&E package for their new build specialist mental healthcare facility in Nottingham. The pragmatism, experience, diligence and commitment the PWP team brought to the job were a key factor in the quality of finish achieved at the clinic and its continued excellence in operation. We would strongly recommend them as an organisation and are committed to our relationship going forward."

Richard Broughton, Services Development Director

In terms of future developments, Ansel Group remain resolute in their commitment to their working relationship with PWP. Richard Broughton continues:

"PWP have been working alongside Ansel developing the M&E design and specification for Ansel’s clinical facilities going forward. This process has been heavily informed by feedback from the specification, installation and operational performance of PWP’s installation at Ansel’s Nottingham clinic and, in taking this approach, has delivered a services solution that remains at the leading edge of in-patient mental health M&E design, specification and installation. PWP remain very engaged in and supportive of our work and approach and we view them as a key member of our team."

Richard Broughton, Services Development Director

About Ansel Group

The Ansel Group was established in 2008 in order to work with people with complex mental health needs, challenging behaviours and personality disorders. The Nottingham Clinic provides a 24 bed specialist Low Secure residential mental health service environment for men, built to the latest draft guidance.