Ransom Wood Business Park Offices and Restaurant / Meeting Suites

A 2,000m2 two storey comfort cooled office facility for Ransom Wood Business Park Offices with separate 120 cover restaurant and multi room meeting/conference facility. All set within a 70 acre, sustainable woodland park in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire; blending a countryside location with close proximity to major road networks.

PWP provided a full suite of design and build mechanical, electrical and fire and security services tailored to meet the needs of a state-of-the-art business facility in a unique, sustainable setting. The project included upgrading and alterations to the existing infrastructure to support the new facilities.

"Though the concept appears different to conventional business parks, it is grounded in a site which had a number of inbuilt advantages. It had buildings and a fully-developed infrastructure already on site because of its previous use. What we have done is use those as the basis for our concept, which is that of a sustainable business location which is, in some ways, ahead of its time.

"We have refurbished existing property, developed new buildings and facilities and it sets new standards for its relationship with the environment, but the bottom line is that it works as a commercial location."

James Cannon, MD Ransom Wood Estates

About Ransom Wood Business Park

Ransom Wood, once home to a hospital, is a 70 acre woodland park combining office space with a restaurant, children’s nursery and woodland walks. It offers a unique environment of leafy vista and wildlife from your window as you work in comfortable, high quality offices. Ransom Wood is run by a family business ‘Ransomwood Estates Ltd’ which has a history of over 100 years.